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Santee Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Reverse mortgage lenders in Santee have been helping senior borrowers with their HECM/reverse mortgage needs over the past decade to have a more stressfree life. Some borrowers in Santee choose to use the money on home improvement, while some use the payment as as a supplement to their monthly social security income and others simply use the lump sum payment to pay down a higher interest debt.


Santee HECM Lenders

There are a number of factors that affect whether or not you qualify for a reverse mortgage in Santee. If you have an existing mortgage, you may not be able to qualify for a HECM/reverse mortgage. Contact a professional to discuss your options.

Santee, CA has an estimated population of 53191.

Recommended Lender
One Reverse Mortgage
One Reverse Mortgage is a Quicken Loans company, which means they have a combined 33 years of mortgage experience. One Reverse Mortgage is one of the top reverse mortgage lender in the nation. Every day, more and more senior homeowners are choosing One Reverse Mortgage for their home financing needs.

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1) Reverse Mortgage-Wells Fargo
7777 Alvarado Rd, #100, La Mesa, CA
(619) 795-9320
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2) Bank of America Home Loans
8898 La Mesa Blvd, #102, La Mesa, CA
(619) 337-3400
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3) General Mortgage
9988 Hibert St, #100, San Diego, CA
(858) 577-2400
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4) Bank of America Mortgage
9095 Rio San Diego Dr, Ste 100, San Diego, CA
(619) 908-3420
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5) Bank of America Mortgage
4370 La Jolla Village Dr, #100, San Diego, CA
(858) 678-1565
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6) Old Mission Mortgage, Incorporated
3914 Murphy Canyon Rd, Ste 200, San Diego, CA
(858) 495-1888
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7) General Mortgage Corporation
9988 Hibert St, #100, San Diego, CA
(858) 577-2411
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8) Financial Heritage
9275 Sky Park Ct, #125, San Diego, CA
(858) 499-8920
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9) Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
5464 Grossmont Center Dr, La Mesa, CA
(619) 589-5931
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10) One Mortgage Network, Incorporated
9740 Scranton Rd, #340, San Diego, CA
(858) 455-9120